“TPO” is the go to system chosen by all major commercial company’s putting up new buildings or replacing the standard rubber torch down/epdm glue down that’s been used for the last decade or more, witch has replaced the much earlier method of a  “3” ply mop down system  used on all flat roofs built before the 1980’s that went through many changes of it own mostly relying on galvanized metal at all flashing points, including embedding gravel to the top layer to extend the life of the mop down materials, proven to both fail and/or blow off in extreme weather.

img_2089This brilliant white roofing option known as TPO (THERMO PLASTIC PLOYFIN ) has many different applications and thickness Michigan home remodel use all available utilities associated with it such as prefabbed corners, drains and flashing used on all walls and any cut outs for duct work, venting ,skylight or any other cut outs needed for your perfect commercial grade roofing experience that we are PROUD AND EXCITED to have a complete line of product’s  guaranteeing that your new roof will last & be a worry free investment in the worst element’s of weather.img_2064


This state of the art Roofing System is mechanically installed with 3″ plate and the required length screws underneath the overlapping 6″ welded seam across the roof, approximately every 10′ up the length of the roof with termination bar and/or proper capping required on or at all parapet walls, also all gutters receive a 5″ overlap roofing membrane sealed to the back wall of the gutter, then capped with a heavy gauge drip edge with plate and screws and topping tape further guaranteeing your roof will not blow off.



Blow off flat)We have many associate’s that will inspect and determine all aspect’s of engineering needed to apply your new TPO Roofing System including but not limited to all masonry walls,furnace ducting, drain plumbing works, gutters and decking including the rafter beams needed to maintain a solid integrity through MICHIGAN’S harsh winters and occasional HIGH WIND’s that have plagued many new brick and mortar owners,from new to old from downtown Detroit ( 1701) to Oakland county witch has buildings as new as this year, without a GOOD ROOF, any money put into said building cannot and will not last or have the protection that you deserve or expect.

MICHIGAN grew tremendously during the automotive boom in the early 1900’s with so much pride, as the auto industry moving to other parts of the world, it has put a choke hold on our wonderful state forcing us to look for and invent new ways to provide for our family’s and bring MICHIGAN back to its former glory, now we have so many new companies opening and buying some older buildings in CORKTOWN and beyond with their vision of a NEW GREAT STATE OF MICHIGAN that we can live and thrive in for us and our family for generations yet to come.

Brutal Michigan Weather

Together i believe we can achieve our goal, with the GREAT LAKES all around us, we feel that we can and must become a main portal of exports known around the world,as a small business company we believe in and are strong advocates in any and all small businesses,we at MICHIGAN HOME REMODEL have clients dating back to 1989 that we proudly serve and maintain any and all of there building needs starting with the roof to the lighting and advertising, we are widely shared between business owners completely trusted throughout the community to offer the right solution to any and all problems you might occur making us the go to company to grow with.


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