All flat roofs have a life of 20 years if installed properly ,This includes the gutter or drain system ,parapet walls ,adjacent buildings needing to have the correct flashing and copping                  we can add years to a torch down application with the help of fibered silver coating applied three to four years after installation (this can add approx. 10 years )                                                             Maybe you have a rubber roof ,but its leaking ,many roof companies will tell you that it can be repaired with silver coat or tar this is (FALSE).  Never let anyone install silver coat or tar to stop a leak ,it never last and you will have the same problem six months to a year later.                         The same rule applies to any roof  if you start from the main decking ,cleared of all previous roofing ,tar and all rotted wood replaced  and then get a new roof installed ,you will get the most out of it.                                                                                                                                                           Time after time we find a newer rubber roof installed across the decking and stops six inches up the wall and tar applied to the ending edge witch fails at that point every time ,when it starts leaking it will appear to be leaking everywhere because of traveling water, in most cases its just improper flashing on a wall or a cooling/heating unit copping cap or any required venting system through the roof                                                                                                                           We are proud to correct and stop leaks do to these problems and/or prevent them in the first place, When you have us install your new roof ,you can be assured that we use only the finest materials and properly install all the correct flashing required                                                          If you do have a newer roof and cannot stop that leak contact us NOW and let us tell you why with our step by step explanation and we also take pictures/video or your roof and bring it down to you (no need to climb on to the roof yourself ) as well as pictures through out the project keeping you in the loop.                                                                                                                           Since 1989 we have saved, repaired or replaced thousands of commercial and residential  flat roof with our vast knowledge and understanding of everything stated above.                                  Although we offer many different styles and materials to your flat roof , a torch down rubber roof is a strong and durable  roof  that can be walked on if you have an upper deck porch on your house or if its just to protect everything  most valued to you.                                             With proper maintenance  this roof can have double the life ,We are committed to being there for you to apply that maintenance on all you weatherization needs.                                                           When you hire us, you get company that will be there for you and you become part of our seasonal  rewards customers eligible for all of our discounts including: gutter and roof cleaning, overall inspections of  roof ,siding,flashing,bricks and caulking getting you ready for a cold frozen winter or extreme ,wet and hot summer.                                                                                          IF YOU HAVE A LEAK ,CONTACT US NOW , LET US SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM

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