(Bob & Sharon hired Anvil Home Improvements  recently to help with installing dimensional shingles on their Belleville home. From the day we meet , we realized that time was the biggest concern to our client. They had a holiday party planned in one week and the work had to be done. You know how everyday life can sometimes be very stressful during the holidays. Our goal was to have the project completed by their deadline.)

This is one we’ll never forget. Any roof must have a solid roof decking for shingles to be applied and we are always ready for the unforeseen or unexpected problems to appear. We fix any problem and then apply the new roof. After we started removing decades old shingles from this four family duplex home we came across reinforced plastic as a failed attempt to stop a leak in between each layer which held water, mold, and insects galore!

After many pain staking hours of removal of three layers of shingles and two layers of plastic we made it to the decking witch was all rotted and also had to be removed and replaced with extremely strong oriental strand board (o.s.b.). This roof came with many challenges not only did we have an unusual tear off, we also had to work around a canvass tent, a pond tune boat,an upper wood deck and lots of gardening all of witch went off without a hitch and then we installed a new roof with (5) home made skylights rebuilding and installing new flashing correctly on everyone of them.

We had to rebuild the chimney from the roof line to the cap to assure that it would seal as well. The most intriguing part of this roof is the 30 foot pine tree that goes right through the middle of the roof in witch there are no product for flashing such an unusual request but we did are do diligent and came up with a solution that still holds to this day with a flexible rubber  flashing that moves with the tree so as to not break the seal ,We at Anvil Home Improvements are very PROUD and it always shows in our work!    along with the 8 home made skylights ( always tempered ) in witch also had to be removed and new velux brand skylights were installed, every one special ordered to fit the finished area inside

In closing, Bob and Sharon had invited the whole crew to their party and even though we went with the expectation of no talking about work , it proved to be impossible due to the tree , I was approached by several people about my ingenuity and gained several more clients and have grown my family with there’s and we are very proud to be  still working  with them to this day!

Just to note: the day off the party ,there was water slides and children’s bare feet running everywhere around the house and no injuries from any nails or debries to anybody there including the pets or plants


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