IMG_0995IMG_0998We believe if we can extend the life if your roof by stopping an existing leak, this would remove a stressful situations and stop further damage inside as well as prevent air born disease’s such as black mold and other harmful pollutants, encouraging you to feel safe and calling us for all of your roofing needs.

We have a full line of quality materials for every occasion and are proud to stand behind all of our workmanship, we have a qualified fully experienced team to inspect, locate and repair any troublesome spot causing that pesky leak and can offer many options and/or remedies, rather your looking for a permanent solution or maybe you need some more time before your ready to get that new roof we offer a time managed contract locking in your estimated cost “new roof”today, with the rise in cost of materials and being the most important part of your home, this my be very good way you to set and plan a large expense

To help us achieve the highest standard possible we take pictures of each job from beginning, during and end after which we send them to any email address you choose to help you keep and stay on top of any repairs and updates to your home, just one more way for us to serve you and give you piece of mind.

So many times, we get calls about leaks in new roofs even though its been changed because the flashing was not changed or replaced, we include all flashing and flanges with every new roof and /or most repairs, any roof is only as strong as the weakest point.
         The number one mistake is the flashing is not changed, most people don’t notice because with new shingles the roof looks good and although shingles are necessary, a large part of it is cosmetic, and if you look you might see tar around the chimney or on a pipe flange or valley which are the main reason for leaks  and should always be changed with any new roof

Tar is used as a temporary fix and never lasts,  it will dry out and crack ,while hiding what should have been replaced in the first place, most likely a rusted saddle or counter flashing usually made of galvanized metal witch deteriorates and becomes the weakest point of your roof. To fix this, it is best to remove the old flashing and replace with a more durable aluminum kit witch we costume make for each individual placement on your chimney– under your siding — attached to a parapet wall or any area witch calls for it , when your looking for a leak its always going to be in a flashing area, or a necessary cut out for a dormer or a pipe, ect.

A new roof is only as strong as the materials used to install. We’ve seen one layer of  old shingles removed and  replaced over more layers of  roof to cut cost and end up with a roof that only lasts one year or so. We at MICHIGAN HOME REMODEL take stride assuring that we know what is needed or required to get the most out of any roof, if that means that its time to replace it we’ll tell you and if we think that there’s still some life left, we’ll advise on how to get the most out of any style roof and give you a projected life time of all projects. We have proudly served  the tricounty area since 1989 and have covered the whole south east portion if Michigan, We also have extended into Ohio and Chicago as we are becoming in great demand.

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