ASPHALT SHINGLES:   have come a long way with todays technology, they now can last  30 years or more if installed correctly , I have seen many of roofs blow off and/or fail almost entirely because of improper nailing and sloppy installation , with the cost of all materials skyrocketing it never been more important to make every dollar count as no one can afford this to happen , that’s why we stand behind our work with a 10 year labor warranty and a 30 year manufactures warranty ,furthermore  we always change all the metal counter, apron and step flashing on every job!


We’ve built  a strong dependable company with a qualified staff beyond measure who specializes in slate ,Spanish tiles ,cement tile application’s with aluminum or copper flashing and to this day many of these roofs still have galvanized flashing (that’s full of rust) , I’ve seen many companies install tar over these areas to get a job done and get there money and run        number 1: this does not work for any length of time  usually 1 to 2 years          number 2: it hides the rust that  should have been replaced with your new roof and now that  repair could  cost $350 or more                   do diligence is required in choosing the right company!

We offer a vast variety of colors and styles of asphalt  shingle’s from a now standard dimensional to a basic 3 tab shingle any of witch we make certain to be fastened properly , this is where many failures could and do happen , every product purchased has a nailing schedule required by the manufacture in witch if not followed will void any and all warranties they offer , in the event of shingle failure the first thing they would look for is the nailing pattern and in many cases find them selves not obligated to replace a defected product due to the application even if the product failure is evident.

We are very proud to now offer many different alternative materials with a much longer life span, such as composite shake or slate style shingle tiles with a 100 year manufactures warranty  , once installed would be the envy of the entire neighborhood and would definably be the last roof you’ll ever install and is generally installed on very steep roofs that are viewable from many or all angles of the street ( its all about esthetics) and use indefinite metal valleys and flashing or in many cases copper metal witch can be aged to give that oxidized green look.

We also a offer installation of early style wood shake roofs for that age correct look to perfectly compliment an all original home ,many of witch are in historical areas such as Northville or Corktown in downtown Detroit , we have years of experience working with historical associations working of course closely with the client to assure everyone achieves their vision as well as staying wothin the associations requirements and offer architects for any and all structural changes that may be required or desired



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